Hi there,

I’m an ordinary guy from Wigan, Northwest UK, with an extraordinary passion for learning and earning. After a successful emergency services career becoming a Senior Fire Officer and Training Specialist, I chose to leave the service back in 2005 and join the business world, launching my own People Development and Training Consultancy – Learn Centre.

This proved to be a highly successful move and now I enjoy combining the latest developments in Psychology, Learning and Technology, to provide people with powerful personal leverage and an almost unfair advantage in business.

However nothing stands still, the world changes and things move on, and never more so than at the time of writing this (The world is twelve months into the Covid pandemic). For oh so many reasons I am now fully committed to taking my expertise and resources and making them instantly available to everyone online digitally. Allowing anyone who chooses to, to easily and quickly start Earning from Learning in so many incredible ways.

Life is still good and there is so much more to share, I look forward to serving you 🙂

Best regards





If you are ready and serious about a change in how you work and earn a living, and you would like a fast start stepping stone in quickly creating significant income online while you continue to plan and build the rest of your home based / laptop lifstyle digital business, then you may, as a starting point, benefit from copying what I did, just a thought!  to take a look at this resource and powerful opportunity – mouse here……