Well, where do I start,

probably with an apology for not keeping this blog updated as I intended when I started it, oops sorry!


The purpose of this blog was to document my journey into the digital world and the transition

from having a bricks and mortar training business to the digital space /virtual world of learning.

I engaged a number of mentors who all were amazing in their own ways and have added to my

knowledge and skills immensley (if not my blog updating ūüôā


So where I am I now, it’s been a mad crazy time¬† stepping into the online world.

Let me cut to the chase and I can always go back if needed to fill in the gaps.

My aims were to have an almost passive income from a digital portable business that I enjoyed

and would help thousands of people and become a financial legacy.


Have I achieved it, yes in a way, let me clarify. Aside from the affiliate connections I have signed up for

I have also set up multiple online business projects / income streams and they are all working to varying degrees.

Some absolutely huge like my learning subscription and sales platform https://learn-tube.com and others

which are essentially sales funnels https://creatingmyfreedom.com and http://www.mark-foster.com/scaleyouronlinebusiness/

With a few more in the pipeline, so Iv’e not been sat on my hands shall we say.


The key to the success of all of these projects is highly targetted traffic, because with a bit of time, effort

and some money they can all be set up, the real key to switch them on is more and better targetted traffic and that is my

current development area right now.


So there you have it, one huge project, one medium size one and at least one smaller one.

So I feel I have brought you up to speed with my digital journey now, it’s been a whole new world and have

and still am learning new things.


I am I sitting back with my laptop lifestyle watcvhing the cash roll in endlessly

no not yet, but the foundations have been well and truly built and that excites me.

I wish you well with your endeavours and should you wish to buddy up with my

https://learn-tube.com big project, then there are instructor and affiliate opportunities to be found there.


Be well and prosper,

Mark W Foster


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