Oh my, talk about schoolboy errors !

Actually can’t believe what I am about to share with you, but wanted to be honest with myself and hopefully help some others in the process too.

So here goes,

When I started out with the idea of transitioning my ‘bricks and motar’ business to an almost fully online version, I knew that it was fairly unfamilar teritory for me.
I had played around with some basic online bits and bobs, but never really considered it a proper money making business, more of an obligatory online presence and making money was what I did in the day job, which was offline. So I took the sensible step of getting myself some good quality internet business set up and marketing mentoring (will speak more about this in another post).

What I never expected and what really shocked me was what happened when I started following the great advice and guidance that they skillfully provided!

It became clear very quickly that  – I  had forgotten to ‘harness the horses’











Let me clarify,

In my day job I work with people a LOT on mindset and motivation, unfortunately in the haste and excitement of taking my business and income generating online, I never even considered whether my mind was fully on board with me, oops!

You see I’m a pretty positive person in general and normally have a decent ‘can do attitude’ and that has worked well for me in the offline world, so I took it for granted that the same level of inner mind support would be there when I started to take things online.

Oh boy how wrong I was !

Long story short, there was a part of me that wasn’t convinced that it was a good idea at all. I was going out of my comfort zone for sure yet this part wanted to stay well and truly in territory it knew and was familar with.
It even started to cause me to doubt whether it was a good idea at all, whether I could actually do it and most importanly it was starting to try to scare me that I would not be able to make money online sharing what I knew.

The questions came  ………Was I fooling myself?,  Was I some sort of imposter out of my depth?

Oh the irony! the mindset guy coming smack face to face with one of his own inner demons.
However I had a choice, to own it and do something about it or face the fact that there would be no highly successful online business with my name on it!

When I realised what was going on it shocked me to the core, the fact that the simple difference between me delivering in the physical world and the idea of me delivering pretty much the same materials digitally, could be viewed (and feel) so very different to my inner mind, this was incredible, but unfortunately also very true.

As I stated at the outset of this post, I had, in my eagerness to get moving, made a real schoolboy error, I had not harnessed the horses properly, I had not got my inner mind on board with me.
I defintely did not have unshakable self belief about the endeavour, well actually not even a fairly decent level of belief , arghh….

I knew the formula ….. Mindset + Skillset + Consistent application = Success,  but I forgot to check that I was harnessing the horses in my mind.

These mindset horses rarely stay idle and not only were they not pulling me in the direction I wanted to go with my online business, they were actually digging their heels in and at times even dragging me the other way, whenever I started to make moves towards my goal.

They were throwing me off course and holding me back… definitely not good !









As I dug deeper into discovering the limiting beliefs, (opposing thoughts) that were hijacking my progress, I found the following,
and these might be worth checking if you find your progress slowing down, being hampered and procrastination or some self doubt creeping in.

  • I dont know how to make money online
  • I can do it offline but this is different and harder
  • I enjoy helping people offline and find it easy, but this is different and people might not respond as they do offline
  • I’ve never done this stuff before
  • I dont know what to do
  • Other people can do it and be successful, but maybe not me?
  • What if it doesn’t work ?

And a few other variants of the same stuff in there for good measure, oh boy no wonder I was feeling the way I was, no wonder I was getting more and more doubt and resistance coming up!

In some of the psychology books they call it self sabotage or imposter syndrome (feeling like a fake), avoiding doing things that will move you forward and often doing the quite the opposite    (time wasting and finding distractions etc, being a busy fool ), and all despite so defintely wanting to get ahead and online.

The culprit was that part inside my head that was not fully onboard with the idea and bought in.

So what to do ?







I’d suggest the steps I took

  1. Become aware – The best way to know if something is pulling the other way is to look at your behaviors and results and if you feel any resistance coming up, I was avoiding and doubting
  2. Flush them out into the open – Ask yourself  “what would I actually need to believe to act and feel this way ?”
  3. Capture them  – Write them down,  by doing this you bring them out into the open keep them there and own them as simply dodgy beliefs (otherwise it just feels like it’s you)
  4. Flip them to their opposite – In my case an example was  “I don’t know how to make money online”  flipped to “I’m learning more and more about  how to make money online”
  5. Create yourself an empowering beliefs list – This in itself will start to create new pathways in the brain which will harness your horses
  6. Use repetition & emotion & visualisation to embed them and replace the old ones – There may be resistance to the new ideas, be gentle but firm and consistent, imagine you are training a naughty puppy 🙂
  7. Secret weapons – I also like to speed up my mind changes with subliminal audios, and seeing as we spend a lot of time on our computers I use a small editable program on my pc called subliminal blaster which fires out visual subliminal micro messages  available for free here


And has it worked for me? , have I started rewiring my mind with more empowering success beliefs and harnessing the horses properly?

Answer – I guess the fact that I am writing this post on it kind of gives you a clue 😉   Yes I’m on track and the horses are in good shape.


I hope some readers find value in this post, it’s certainly been a cathartic experience for me and
I would welcome your thoughts on the topic.
If you already have a fully tuned up mindset, nice one you lucky so an so, keep it in good shape as you grow 🙂

Till next time,

In success,


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